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Reliable Web Hosting Companies

Reliable Web Hosting Companies

What is it that one looks for in a reliable web hosting company? Great personalized service, high uptime guarantee, neat features and lots of free goodies. Yes, price is important but it should always be way down the list.

Choosing a hosting company is not easy especially because the market is crowded and highly competitive. Most companies offer the same set of features. What differentiates them is service. Trust me! What’s the use of a low-priced service if it’s… cheap (good pun).

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I’ve been in web development for close to two decades and must have used more than ten hosting companies for various web sites I maintain for myself and for my clients. I’ve had my share of bitter experiences and have finally settled down with the companies listed below. They have seldom, if at all, given be any problems in the last 10 years or so.


GoDaddy.com are now the largest domain name registrars in the world and we’re sure you would have heard of them. Their prices are low not just for domain names but also for web hosting packages – the company often has ongoing discounts on these. If a fresh client comes up to us for a small-to-medium sized web presence, we invariably recommend GoDaddy.com. From our experience, they are great when it comes to small business sites especially those with less than 100 web pages.

GoDaddy.com hosting packages are priced just right and make it easy for a complete beginner to get an online presence. In addition to standard web sites, you can build complete online stores all by yourself because GoDaddy.com provides easy-to-use tools.


BlueHost is what we recommend for medium-sized web sites. Their servers (computers on which your web site would be hosted) have the best hardware in place which results in your web site loading fast – visitors get to see the content quickly. This, as you can understand, is the most important aspect of an online presence.

In addition to low prices, BlueHost hosting plans include free Site Builders by which you can develop your own web site, a free domain name and 1-Click WordPress Installation. The 24/7 chat support with a company representative ensures that any problems on your web site are resolved quickly. The company also offers cloud hosting.

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1&1 Internet

For a person looking out of a simple and easy way to get an online presence, 1&1 Web Hosting offers everything and more. This is especially true for businesses that want to be listed in web search engines like Google or be found through social media. In minutes, you can have a 1&1 Online Store, integrate it with Facebook and start distributing newsletters.

We genuinely like this company and have never faced any problem with any of the sites hosted on their servers. Their prices too are really impressive – the lowest in the industry. Sometimes I wonder how they are able to provide exceptional support with those prices.


iPage gives unlimited disk space and email addresses. A free domain name and security quite is part of the web hosting bundle which also includes an online store, site-building tools, search engine and marketing credits. Their web site builder is the easiest we have ever used.

Additionally, the company offers 24/7 support via live chat and a 30-day money back guarantee. Their technical help section is also quite thorough and easy-to-understand.

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