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Put image in AOL email signature – business logo, photo or avatar

How to put an image in an AOL email signature

At AOL, the email signature rich text toolbar has no option of including a picture (refer figure below). But there is an easy way put an image directly in the AOL email signature. You can have your business / company logo, an avatar or even your photo included in each email message you send from the account.

AOL email signature toolbar - no direct option to put an image inside the signature

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The only requirement is to have the image file online. This should not be a problem for people who have a web site; they can simply put the file on the web server. For the rest (the majority), I suggest uploading the image file to a service that lets you share images. Facebook comes to mind immediately, right? So, as long as you have a web site or a Facebook account, you can quite easily put an image in the AOL signature.

How to include an image (business logo) in the AOL email signature

Don’t jump to the instructions yet. Read the important points below:

  • Any image presently online – on a web site or Facebook – can be put in the AOL email signature. You just have to make sure that it is public.
  • More than one image can be included in the signature. However, unless you have a very valid reason, keep the number to a minimum. Remember, a single image has a greater impact and looks much more slick!
  • You can’t resize the image once you put it in the signature. Make sure the dimensions are apt.
  • In addition to the width and height, the file size of the image should be optimized so that it takes minimum time to load.

Once the image is online on a server (company web site or an image host), all that’s required is to employ the copy and paste commands to embed it in the email signature.

The steps below have been performed in the Google Chrome web browser running Windows 7 computer using the AOL webmail standard interface.

  • The AOL Options menu
  • Compose section under Settings
  • Load your company website
  • Copy the logo image to the computer clipboard
  • Paste the image in the AOL email signature box
  • Image is now embedded in the signature
  • Add some text, if you like
  • Save the settings
  • View the email signature with the image
  1. Login at your AOL account. Click “Options” (top-right) and choose “Mail Settings” from the menu. [Slide 1].
  2. Move to the “Compose” section [Slide 2].
  3. Check “Use Rich Text / HTML Editing” box. Click “No signature” and select “Use signature” [Slide 3].
  4. The email signature composition box will be displayed [Slide 4].
  5. Since I’ve already detailed how to create a text email signature in another article, to save time, I’ll stick to the discussion on hand – embedding an image.
    Open a new browser tab, log in at Facebook and upload the image you want to use in the signature. Important: Ensure that you’ve made it public. Click on it to get something similar to what you see in slide 5.
  6. Now right-click and choose “Copy image” from the menu [Slide 6]. If you’re using a different web browser, choose an equivalent option.
  7. Return to the AOL page, right-click in the email signature box and select “Paste [Slide 7].
  8. The image will immediately be put in the AOL email signature box [Slide 8]. Voila!
  9. You can add formatted text above or below the image and also include a link [Slide 9].
  10. Scroll down and click “Save Settings” button [Slide 10].
  11. Go back to mail [Slide 11].
  12. Click “Email” to bring up the message composition form [Slide 12].
  13. Hurrah! There it is! The email signature with an image [Slide 13].

As you can gather, the process of putting an image in the AOL email signature is quite simple and should take you not more than a couple of minutes. By the way, if you ever delete the Facebook image or change its sharing settings to anything but public, it would stop appearing in the signature.

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