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How do I protect against Viruses and Worms?

How do I protect against Viruses and Worms?

The Internet is a great place to be, but it’s also dangerous. Virus and worms are deadly cretins that can have adverse effects on your computer and your productivity. Here are a few pointers to help you prevent the invasion of virus and worms on your system.

  • Invest in a good anti-virus software. There are many to choose from. The popular one being, Norton’s Anti-virus, Dr. Solomon’s Anti-virus and McAffee.
  • Frequently download the updates to the anti-virus you are using
  • Backup important data on a regular basis.
  • Never open email attachments from unknown sources.
  • Never download and install .exe files from personal web sites. For example, if you want a free software, it’s better to download it from the developer’s web site or from known and respected directories such as Tucows than from a web site of an individual.
  • Restrain yourself from downloading MicroSoft Office files from unfamiliar sites.
  • Increase the security level of your browser. For Internet Explorer version 4, go to View – Internet Options. Click on the Security tab and choose High or Medium security level.
  • Download and install updates for browsers and email programs you use. The MicroSoft site has a tool that automatically checks which security features your system needs.
  • Keep yourself updated with announcements on newly found virus and worms.

Extreme precaution

  • Ruthlessly delete emails with attachments.
  • Install two anti-virus scanners. No single anti-virus program is fool-proof. Using two at the same time increases your chances of detecting and deleting the virus/worm.
  • Disable receiving emails in html format.

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