What is the most popular free Windows email?

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I was thinking of creating a second email account – I already have one from my Road Runner. So I was wondering if you can give me the details of the most popular free Windows email service. Could you also help me create a free email address on this new computer.
Madison Norman

Picking up the most popular email service in the world was easy for me. I create a poll through Polldaddy.com and ran it for a few months on this web site. The response was overwhelming -more than 20,000 votes were registered. The result of this public poll, which also allowed voters to post their comments, was not in tune with what I thought, but that’s what makes us human – we all have our opinions – strong ones I may add!

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The newest of the lot is the most popular free email service

In this poll, visitors to this web site were asked to cast their vote for the best email service – the choices were Yahoo!Mail , Gmail and Hotmail. Though I believe Yahoo email is the best email in the world, the majority of the voters did not agree with me. Almost 60% votes were in favour of Gmail which means it’s the most popular free Windows email service (Over 95% percent voters were on the Windows operating system). People may say that there is a slight flaw in the deduction – maybe Gmail users have a higher propensity to cast a vote. But I think the sheer number of votes in favour of Gmail balance that out.

The best free Windows email service in the world - Gmail!

How to choose a free Windows email service

Even though it emerges as the top on the popular free Windows email list does it mean you should only get a Gmail email address? No! Don’t forget that there are people who also love Yahoo!Mail (myself, for example) and Hotmail… and no we are not ‘losers’ as some would have you believe.

Here is what I suggest. Get an email address from all the three services and use all of them for a few days. See which one you are most comfortable with. Is it the Yahoo interface that you like or do you prefer the tens of features on Gmail? It’s best to check this yourself and not rely on what others say. Once you’ve made a decision, you can either continue using the other accounts or simple ignore them and they would be closed automatically by the service.

Instructions with screenshots for creating accounts at these free Windows email services can be found in other articles on this web site – please refer the links below.

How can Google make Gmail a killer service – one that will decimate Yahoo and Hotmail

Google’s Gmail is the newest of the three and has probably taken a lot many subscribers from Yahoo and Hotmail. And with a little more push, Gmail can actually annihilate its competitors pretty quickly. Here are my 2 cents.

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