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Playstation web browser statistics

Playstation web browser statistics

Sony’s Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable come with web browsing capability. For several months now, I’ve been keeping a close tab on the number of people who visit WebDevelopersNotes.com using these devices.

It is really fascinating (and a little flattering) to see people using a gaming console to visit a web development web site. Google Analytics, the software I use for analyzing web site traffic, also helpfully segregates the two – Playstation3 and PSP. Till about four months ago, the numbers were really very small with only a wee bit o’ improvement. However, the usage statistics for Playstation web browser has shown an exponential increase in the recent months.

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Agreed the numbers are still relatively low but are comparable to the usage statistics of browsers like Camino, Netscape (long live!), Konqueror etc. And if the Playstation web browsers continue this trend, these lesser known browsers will be left far behind. This also shows that as long as the device offers decent net capabilities and is conveniently available, people will use it to browse the web.

Playstation browser statistics - Update: 2010-11-02

Usage statistics of Playstation 3 and Playstation Portable web browsers - Update: 2010-11-02

The numbers for PSP are higher than those for Playstation 3 and there can be many reasons for this apart from the fact that there have been more PSP units sold worldwide than the larger gaming console. The Playstation Portable, though still very low compared to other mobile devices, does put in its share in mobile web usage.

Worldwide Playstation web browser usage

Interestingly, NetMarketShare reports a 0.03% usage of Playstation web browsers which is higher than what I get on this web site. This is definitely a space to watch closely in the coming months.

Market share of Playstation - PS3 and PSP - web browser. Update: 2010-11-02

By the way, the web browser used in Playstation portable is NetFront from Access Co., Ltd. FYI, total Netfront browser usage is not counted in these stats – I’ve taken only the numbers for Playstation3 and Playstation Portable as Google Analytics gives me.

Important: The stats presented on this page are from this web site and would probably be different from yours.

Updates on Playstation usage for the internet surfing

June 2009

After coming down slightly last month, the usage shoots up again. The graph line is gradually getting an exponential shape. This site had visitors from both PSP and PS3.

September 2009

The graph line for Playstation web browser (Netfront on the PSP) is aiming for the sky. Look at it go…

February 1, 2010

After a very short blip, the graph lines for Playstation web browsers goes up again. Now when I own a PSP, I wonder how people surf the web with this device. It’s so cumbersome – great for gaming but not for the web because using the keyboard is such a pain.

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