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PicoSearch website search engine enables your website visitors to search your own site. So this is like a personal website search engine. You don’t need to download any software and can set up the whole thing online in a matter of minutes. PicoSearch includes a free search engine with sponsors and a paid version with no sponsors. The free accounts display the PicoSearch branding while paid accounts are not required to carry any advertisements or reference to PicoSearch. Paid accounts may resell their own advertising space through clever use of their design templates. You get to control the layout of the pages and are provided with comprehensive reports. The re-indexing of web pages on your site is automatic.
PicoSearch web site search engine

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FreeFind offers you a free personal website search engine. This free service is supported by sponsor advertisements. There is also an ad-free professional version of the search engine. personal web site search engine features include scheduled re-indexing, complete customization, reporting visitor searches, simple or Boolean searching, PDF indexing, automatic site map generation, support for several languages, support for frames, automatic What’s New list generation and more.
FreeFind search engine for your web site


FusionBot personal website search engine comes in five flavours to suit requirements of different web sites. The free version is good for small sites with 250 (or less) web pages while there is no page number limit in the Platinum version. The free personal website search version puts the FusionBot logo on the results page and offers a basic customization of that page. You can also create a site map for your web site using the FusionBot service. One nice feature that I found out was that FusionBot is able to follow Flash links. The bot indexes PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, RTF documents and password protected content. There is also support for SSL indexing. You can create search engine regions or partitions and can configure the results page so that the visitor will be re-directed if no matches are found. This as you can understand, increases the stickiness of your web site.
FusionBot web site search engine


Features of the SiteSearchPro web site search engine include easy installation, customization of the search results page (online templates editor included), support for simple and large web sites, built in filters and rules, cross-platform, support for different file types (Gold version), frames support, multiple site indexing (not for the Basic version), fully-functional spider scheduling and much more.

Xtreeme Search Engine Studio

With the Xtreeme Search Engine Studio, you can create a search engine for your web site as a CGI script or PHP script. The configuration process is simple… you just follow a few steps to have the program automatically index your web site and then upload the required files to your server. Everything the search engine needs will be located on your server to ensure best possible results. Search Engine Studio is able to index static and dynamic web pages such as HTML, PHP, ASP, CGI, JSP, ColdFusion, PDF and MS Office documents. Your web site can be scanned in four ways – HTTP crawler, FTP, local + network disk and XML file. There is no page limit with a simple license of the search engine and you can configure the search results page to match the look and feel of your web site. The search engine offers boolean and wildcard searches with foreign language support.

WebSiteStory’s Express Search

Express Search from WebSideStory is a free personal search engine that you can include on your web site to provide basic search functionality. The Express Search is a reduced-feature version of the award-winning WebSideStory Search. Express Search comes with unlimited usage (there is no trial period) and allows you to customize its look and feel to match your web site design. It is, however, supported by advertisements and can only be used on web sites with less than 2500 pages.


SearchBlox is a high-performance corporate search software designed for the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform. It supports Boolean AND, OR, and NOT searches, Fuzzy and fielded searches and the advanced search allows searching by file format, language, keyword occurrence and modified date. The user can define the number of search results to be displayed on a page and the search results can be sorted by date, relevance or alphabetically. The query items can be highlighted on the search results page. The web-based admin, console allows for ease of use and configuration of different aspects of the service. Searches are performed on several file formats such as HTML, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, text and RTF with a support of eighteen languages.

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