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Password help – tips for online security

Password help and tips

Everyday, tons of desperate people ask me for help with their password. In a majority of cases, the user has not only forgotten the password but also the secret answer to the security question which is employed to reset the login information.

The sad truth is that there is little anyone can do to help people who cannot recall their password. However, for all other users (especially beginners), I have set up this page with links to articles that offer helpful tips and advice on passwords. Please share with your friends.

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Asking for help with the password will probably not work

Many popular services do offer some kind of assistance (Hotmail phone numbers or Yahoo phone numbers etc.) but these are of little or no help to distressed subscriber who cannot remember the password. It’s generally a waste of time writing to Hotmail (or any other free service) and requesting for help with your password. The support staff just cannot provide personalized service and help you with the password. And if it was that easy, anyone could get access to your account, right?

Come to think of it, the users are to be blamed most of the times. Sadly, a majority of people on the web (esp. those who are just starting out) don’t realize the importance of the account password or the security question before it’s too late. Many also fall prey to phishing attacks.

However, most web services provide online password recovery methods or a support web site to help people out. For instance, you can contact Hotmail staff via the Windows Live support web site and get a bit of personalized help with the password.

Articles that help you with passwords and the security question

So what should you do if you need some password help? In brief – learn how to create a strong password and keep the answer to the security question a secret. The following list has links to articles with tips and advice on how to increase the security of your online accounts – email, social networking profiles etc.

How to create a strong password?

A short video from Mozilla that explains how you can create a complex and strong password for various online accounts.

How to make a strong password?

Advice from yours truly on how to make a strong password. Written with the beginner in mind, these invaluable tips will help protect your online information.

Tips on how to remember passwords

Making a strong password is not very difficult and there are tons of free online services that you can use. The more important aspect is how to remember the password.

When should you change a password

Changing a password too often may not be a good idea. Studies have shown that people end up using simpler passwords if they are made to change this information frequently.

How to test whether your password is strong?

An easy-to-use web service through which you can check password strength.

How to create a good security question?

The security question and it’s secret answer are as important as the account password. Actually, the two are mutually interdependent – to change one, you need to provide the other!

Most common passwords

Here are a couple of lists of most common passwords – obvious reasons why you should avoid them. FYI, hackers employ such lists to infiltrate accounts.

Forgotten your email password?

So you forgot the email password? Learn how you can retrieve or reset it.

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