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I want Outlook Express on my new computer

Outlook Express on a new computer

I bought a new machine and want Outlook Express on my new computer. I have been using the software for over 6 years now but I just can’t seem to find it. I’ve looked everywhere for a download file of Outlook Express so that I can install it afresh but could not find one… could you please help me?
Dan Bjorz

OK Dan. Here is your solution.

Which Windows version does your new computer have?

If you have bought a new computer in the last year or so, chances are it would be running the Vista operating system. Now Outlook Express came preinstalled as the default email client on Windows 98 and Windows XP. You could also install it if you upgraded to the latest version of the Internet Explorer web browser.

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However, on Vista, the default email client is Windows Mail. And FYI, I.E. 7 version did not have Outlook Express bundled with it. So if your new computer is running Windows Vista, you need to migrate to Windows Mail.

Windows Mail is the new version of Outlook Express – I would call it Outlook Express 7, if I had my way. Its interface is quite similar to the older email program but it has two added features that I think were much needed – the automated Junk email filtering capability and a very fast email search utility. All told, Windows Mail is a better version of Outlook Express.

Unfortunately, Microsoft has stopped the further development and support for Outlook Express so you have no choice but to move on to the newer Windows Mail. However, it doesn’t end here…

Forget Outlook Express – Get Windows Live Mail for Vista

Microsoft has discontinued the support for Windows Mail too and has released yet another free email client which they call Windows Live Mail. I recommend that you download and install this software on your new computer. Though the interface is different from Outlook Express and Windows Mail and might take a little time getting used to, Windows Live Mail has a lot many features – set-up of several email accounts including Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!, a Photo e-mail utility that lets you send large images without clogging up the inboxes of the recipients, an automated Junk e-mail filter, quick email search, layout management etc.

You don’t need to use two email clients on your system – I guess, this will lead to confusion and unnecessary clutter. Windows Live Mail offers several benefits over Outlook Express and Windows Mail. You can easily import your older email messages from O.E. into this program.

FYI, Windows Live Mail is also available for Windows XP.

But I really want Outlook Express for my new system…

The last version of Outlook Express was 6 and it could be installed along with the same version of the Internet Explorer browser. At the time of writing, the installation file for this browser is still available download from the Microsoft web site – Get it now. However, Windows Vista comes with an upgraded Internet Explorer (version 7 of the software) so I am not sure if you can install an earlier version on the operating system.

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