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Will Outlook Express change my email address?

Will Outlook Express change my email address?

I received a strange question the other day from Lynette. She asks if “…Outlook Express changes the email address I use. Can I use the same email in Outlook Express?”

My first thing I did was to send a quick reply pointing her to read what is Outlook Express and how to set up a new email account in it. But then I realized that this would not help a beginner like her and so I wrote this article – sent the link to her, of course!

You probably would have noticed that Lynette has actually asked two different questions and both warrant a slightly detailed reply.

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Does Outlook Express change your email address?

No! The purpose of employing an email program such as Outlook Express is to keep using your present email address but do so in a better manner. The main function of Outlook Express and other email clients is to help you collect and organize email on your computer. Thus, you don’t need to connect to the internet to access old messages. Yes, an active net connection is required when you want to check for new emails but as for all the old messages, they are stored at your computer which you can read through the email program. Outlook Express also lets you compose and send new email and replies. Furthermore, you can organize your email into folders that can help in quickly locating an elusive message.

And so, Outlook Express will not change your email address – it simply uses the one you already have and downloads all messages from the internet to your computer.

How can you use an existing email account with Outlook Express?

You first need to set up your existing email address in Outlook Express. Though there are different types of email accounts, setting them up in Outlook Express involve the same steps. However, please note, you can download email only from accounts that have either POP or IMAP enabled. Don’t worry if these terms sound strange – contact the email service provider for details. By the way, most email accounts work with POP by default or this option can be activated by paying a small fee – check the list below.

  • Email accounts from Internet service providers – should be pop enabled. If not, I suggest you ditch them and get another provider.
  • Gmail – POP and IMAP both are free for all email accounts.
  • Hotmail – POP is now available (finally) – Read free Hotmail POP for details.
  • Yahoo! Mail – Only the Plus accounts come with POP. The Plus upgrade costs about $20 for a year.
  • Web site email accounts – Do you have a web site? The email accounts would probably be POP enabled, else you change the web hosting server.

You use the same email address with Outlook Express

You don’t need to create a new email address to use it on Outlook Express. You take your present email account and configure it in the email client. As long as your email supports POP or IMAP, it should work just fine with Outlook Express.

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