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National Sleepy Head Day: 27 July

National Sleepy Head Day - 27 July

National Sleepy Head Day is celebrated on the 27th of July each year in Finland. What happens on this day? Glad you asked. This shows you ain’t lazy!
Lazy??? More on this below..

According to tradition, the last person to wake up in a household was supposedly the laziest. This was no good in the old days when everyone from the family was required to chip-in and be productive.

Anyway, on the National Sleepy Head Day, the last person still in bed is woken up using water (think of a bucket), or worse, being thrown in the local pond, lake, or the sea.

I have a question here. Wouldn’t the hardest working family member be the most tired and, thus, sleep till late? And doesn’t that person deserve his/her peaceful sleep?

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