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Multiple accounts Outlook Express for separate address books

Multiple email accounts in Outlook Express

I have Outlook Express 6.0 and Windows XP. Is there a way for 2 users to have separate address books? I use 10-15 contacts and my wife around 50. I don’t like to pick out my recipients among hers. Thanks for any info.

The Outlook Express Identities feature lets you have multiple user accounts for the email client. Each of these identities gets a clean program to work with and can set up their own email account/s. Multiple accounts in Outlook Express (identities) can also be password protected which helps keep email private (- a secret!).

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Outlook Express identities can be created in less than a minute and are the best (and probably) the only solution to have separate address books in the email client. Ideally, the two or more identities should not use the same email account (what’s the point in that?). However, if this is required for some reasons care should be taken to check the “Leave copy of email on server” option so that messages are received by all.

Separate address book in Outlook Express

Once you make your Outlook Express identity, a blank address book is available. This can be populated with contacts information either manually or through the import function if you have all the data in a CSV file – refer how to take a backup of the Outlook Express address book.

The different address books of the Outlook Express multiple accounts do not interfere with each other. Thus, if two or more users want separate address books, get each of them a different identity which will also segregate the email accounts and messages.

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