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How do I make Yahoo default email address on your computer?

Make Yahoo email default on computer

The other day someone in my class asked how they could make Yahoo the default email address on their computer. In a hurry to complete the lesson I tried to give a quick reply but people just kept pressing me for details. So here they are.

There are actually several ways to go about making Yahoo the default email address on your computer. We’ll look at each of these options one by one. Choose the one that suits your need and helps you in quick and easy access.

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The various options on how to make Yahoo the default email

  • Free option #1 – free Yahoo email address with Zimbra program
    Download Zimbra Desktop, free Yahoo email program. Once installed, change the email client to the default email program on your computer. Setup your free Yahoo email address and make that into the default too!
  • Free option #2 – install Yahoo! toolbar on Internet Explorer or Firefox: At the time of writing, the Yahoo! toolbar is available only for two popular web browsers, Internet Explorer and Firefox. So if you use either of these browsers, get the toolbar and make Yahoo email the default email address on your computer when you are asked for this during the installation process.
  • $20 yearly option – Upgrade to Yahoo! Plus
    If you already use an email program such as Outlook Express or Outlook, you can only setup the Yahoo address and download email by upgrading the account to Plus. This costs about $20 per year. You would have to use the Yahoo email POP settings to configure the account in the chosen email program. Finally, make sure that you make the Yahoo email address as the default in the chosen email client.
    What does the Plus upgrade give you? The most important thing, in addition to a larger email file attachment size, is the POP feature. Also, Plus accounts let you forward email from Yahoo to another email address.
    FYI, POP – Post Office Protocol – is used by email programs to connect to your account on the Yahoo servers and download email to your computer.

Benefits of making Yahoo the default email address

For prolific Yahoo account users, making Yahoo the default email address offers great convenience. Not only would you be able to store messages on your computer but also access them without an internet connection – please read the advantages of Outlook Express and other email clients for further details. Also whenever you click on an email link on a web site, the program will open and you would be able to send messages from the Yahoo email address. Please read instructions on how to set up a Yahoo email account in Outlook Express – Plus upgrade required.

Conclusion: If you don’t want to spend $20 on the Plus upgrade, the only option to make Yahoo the default email address on your computer is to install the free email program from Yahoo. Zimbra Desktop works quite like other email clients and lets you configure multiple email address.

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