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List of Search Engines and Directories

List of Search Engines and Directories

Google probably is the best search engine. However, there are others too like Yahoo… and Bing which is quickly becoming popular. On this page you’ll find a list of search engines and some important directories too.
Not all search engines are listed because they are either not very popular or simply not good. The ones below get more than 95% search traffic and that’s all that matters from a search engine optimization point of view.


GoogleThe favorite search engine of most web surfers accounting for the majority of searches performed on the web.

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Yahoo!The Yahoo! Search Engine along with the trusted Yahoo! Directory (see below) were once the darling of the internet. They have now lost most of their shine.


BaiduFavorite search engine of the Chinese.


BingMicrosoft’s Live Search Engine is now known as Bing with supposedly an improved algorithm. People have loved it’s background images. Check the Bing usage statistics


YandexRussian Search engine and ranks very high as per Alexa.


Go.comGo.com offers a searchable directory, news stocks, sports and free email along with a web search engine.


AskAsk still has a loyal following though its user base is gradually decreasing.


SohuAnother Chinese search engine.


AOLThe web search on the AOL pages is now powered by Google.


TechnoratiTechnorati prides itself as the search engine for blogs.


LycosPowered by Ask.


AltaVistaThe mighty Altavista Search Engine is now based on Yahoo!


DogpileA metasearch engine owned by InfoSpace, Inc.


ExciteA metasearch engine which is a part of the Excite web portal.


InfospaceThe owner of Dogpile search engine.


AlltheWebThis Yahoo! owned search engine is going to be closed on the 4th of April 2011 as the company wants to focus more on other features to improve your search experience. Visitors to Alltheweb will be redirected to search.yahoo.com.


KosmixA great search engine that collates information into topic pages.


CuilCuil organizes web pages based on the information they carry.


DuckDuckGoDuckDuckGo takes advantage of content from sites such as Wikipedia to improve the relevance of the search results.


MammaOne of the web’s first tier 2 metasearch engines.


MelzooMelzoo is a Meta search engine that gives “visual previews” of the search results translating into a ‘much better user experience’ (?). The SERP is split into two panes; the left has the list of results generated by the query while the the one on the right shows a snapshot of the page when one mouse-over the result.


blekkoThe name of this search engine proves that there are not many good domain names left! Jokes aside, blekko, which is in beta presently, lets you perform the usual searches as well as those that you cannot do elsewhere! this is primarily accomplished by using “slash tags”, as blekko calls them. You can slash in and slash out sites (and results). Check out the demo video and see how this works.


YebolYebol is based on a knowledge-based semantic search platform.

Open Directory Project

Open Directory ProjectInternet’s favorite web directory owned by Netscape (AOL).


AboutUs.orgAboutUs.org lists web sites with details on the information they carry. It allows internet users to add and modify entries.


Business.comBusiness.com combines a search engine and a web directory.

Yahoo! Directory

Yahoo! DirectoryThe web’s oldest directory!

Best of the web

Best of the webA commercial web directory categorizing web sites by topic and region.

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