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Leonardo da Vinci Birthday

Leonardo da Vinci Birthday - 15 April 1452

Leonardo da Vinci was born on 15 April, 1452

Italian polymath who made significant contributions to various fields of science and art. Though many people remember him for his famous painting, Mona Lisa (now at Louvre, Paris), Da Vinci was much much more – an inventor, sculptor, architect, mathematician, scientist, engineer, writer and cartographer. His other famous works are the paintings The Last Supper and Virgin of the Rocks and the drawing Vitruvian Man which has now become a sort of cultural icon.

Leonardo da Vinci has been called the father of palaeontology, iconology and architecture. He has been credited of inventing the parachute, helicopter and tank. His journals contain over 13,000 pages of drawings and notes in which he covered diverse subjects that fuse art and natural philosophy.

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