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Where can I find the latest version of Outlook Express?

Where can I find the latest version of Outlook Express?

I have all my emails in Outlook Express on my old computer. I purchased a new computer and looks like the software is not loaded. Where can I find the latest version of Outlook Express? Any help would be much appreciated.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. Unfortunately, the development of Outlook Express has been stopped – the last version of the email client was 6.

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Now for some good (better?) news. Though Outlook Express is long dead, Microsoft hasn’t buried it. The company released a replacement for the popular program on Vista in the form of Windows Mail which was the default email client on that operating system.

Windows Mail is in fact quite like its predecessor and I wouldn’t be way off the mark if I refer it as Outlook Express version 7; a rose by any other name will still be a rose, right? The interface and functionality of Windows Mail very similar to Outlook Express (with the prettiness of Vista, of course). The two notable additions are an automated junk e-mail filter which sends all suspected spam messages to the default junk e-mail folder and a super quick search utility conveniently located near the top. So is Windows Mail the latest version of Outlook Express? NO! Because there is more…

Which is the latest version of Outlook Express - Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail?

Windows Live Mail – the latest version of Outlook Express

Microsoft discarded Windows Mail Vista and launched another email program – Windows Live Mail. (I know the similar sounding names are kind of confusing.) This software can be downloaded for free from the company web site and can be installed on Windows XP, Vista and the latest Windows 7 operating systems.

Now if Renee has purchased a computer with Vista or Windows 7, he will find Outlook Express missing because the default email programs on these operating systems are Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, respectively.

Windows Live Mail, the ‘latest version of Outlook Express’, is what I recommend for either of the operating systems. I have been using this email client for more than a year now and it has served me well. I had no major problems ever except for a small glitch with the RSS reader; yes, WLM works as an RSS reader and a blogging tool.

Lastly, if you are worried about your old email messages, well, you can use the “Export” function of Outlook Express and the corresponding “Import” on Windows Live Mail. This will transfer the old emails to your new computer. For step by step instructions, refer how to copy Outlook Express email to Windows Live Mail.

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