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Free Large Email Accounts

Free Large Email Accounts

The war to provide larger free email account space is becoming HOT. Since Google’s announcement of 1GB email accounts via their Gmail service (still not open to everyone – you can create accounts via invitations only), other service providers have gone beyond the 1GB limit.

What is is that is prompting companies to provide more and more free space for online email accounts? Well, one thing that I can think of is money! After all this is a business venture!

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The attraction of a large space for the inbox would ensure a strong user base. Users would then be displayed ads through either CPM or CPC delivery modes – Ad revenue. Also, if the email inbox contains ads, this would further boost their revenue.
For example, Google plans to put text ads using their Adsense technology. These text ads would be relevant to the contents of the email which, thus, raises a lot of privacy issues.

Update: Gmail now offers more than 2GB – my email account has touched 2.7 GB – April 30th 2006. I wonder what happens to the competition under the Gmail juggernaut?

Here is what the President of SGIES and VW Global Unified Communications says about their 3GB email account space

… we are beating the competition by offering 3GB services free of charge, with pop3/imap/smtp support and the most fully-featured system that is being offered by ANY email system today. We plan to continually stay ahead of the competition, by increasing disk quota so we are always “First”, and increase our services accordingly.

SGIES, St. George’s International Email Services offers the World’s First and Only Free 3GB Email Service. But that’s not all. We offer a variety of methods to check your mail, such as POP3/IMAP. Our servers are fast, reliable, and most of all, users at SGIES experience a fully-featured email service with very little spam, no viruses (because we run dual Anti-Virus Filters), and nothing but free stuff. To start off, we offer a webmail service with Calendaring Features, Notes, Address Book and even a Task List! And what’s more: You have the option to sync all of that with Microsoft Outlook (R). Yes, you heard it right! Other prominent features include Auto-Forwarders, Auto-Responders, A World-Class Support Staff right at your fingertips, an online forum (http://board.sgies.com), and even the ability to check your mail from a phone using the WAP protocol.

Our mission is simple. We want to completely revolutionize the emailing experience. We know you are fed up with 2MB email Services, or services that scam you, or offer you great services and then shut down a week later. That’s why we’re committed. Committed to you, and committed to your satisfaction with our services. We welcome you to check out our commitment at //www.sgies.com/commitment. Please, give us a try, and let us prove to you that emailing, indeed, can be relaxing and enjoyable!


3GB email INBOX space along with lots of features such as calendar, notes, address book and even a task list!

Update: SGIES.com seem to be down most of the times… That’s what happens to competition under the Google onslaught!


Though they mention they are “the worlds largest storage for free email”, I guess they have been left behind by SGIES.com. Let us see how they react in the coming days. Aventuremail provides 2GB free email service with no advertisements in your emails and no restriction such as attachment sizes! (now how do they plan to generate revenue?)


Update: Aventuremail.com offer 5GB of INBOX space. It is however not free and costs USD 4.99 for a life-time of email access. That’s a small price if you are really want a very large inbox.

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