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Download and Install Outlook express on a laptop

Outlook Express on a laptop

Every now and then I receive an email from a visitor asking how they can get Outlook Express for their laptop. If you have been using this popular email client for a long time, I am sure you want to continue using it on the new system you have purchased.

For the uninitiated, Outlook Express is program that allows you to send, receive and manage emails messages. Such a program is known as an email client and it lets you store your email on your computer.

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Online services that offer free and paid email accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo!Mail etc. require you to connect to the internet and login at your account to access your messages. An email client on the other hand works differently. With this program you download (receive) emails to your computer and send out the ones you have composed.

An Internet connection is required only for the sending and receiving process. Once you have downloaded and sent out all emails, you can potentially close the net connection and read the new emails and compose new ones at your leisure because the email messages now reside on your computer.

Anyway, coming back to the topic at hand, how do you get Outlook Express for your laptop? This depends on the operating system the laptop is running. I recommend installing Outlook Express only on Windows based computers.

Laptop’s running Windows Vista

Oops! If you have purchased a new laptop during the past year or so, it would most probably be running one of the versions of Windows Vista. If so, I suggest you go in for the latest email client from Microsoft – Windows Live Mail. Vista already has a default email client, Windows Mail (which I like to consider a new version of Outlook Express), but Microsoft has stopped the development and support for both Outlook Express and Windows Mail and are now concentrating only on Windows Live Mail.

Windows Mail, the default email program on Vista, is quite like Outlook Express – similar interface and features. Windows Live Mail, on the other hand, is radically different in the way it looks. It, however, is a much better email client that lets you add multiple email accounts include Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail. It also features an automated Junk email filter, a very quick email search utility, interface customization, RSS integration, blogging tool and a Photo email utility that lets you send large digital photographs over email without clogging the inboxes of the recipients.

But my laptop has Windows XP and I still want Outlook Express

If my arguments in favour of Windows Live Mail were not convincing and you still want Outlook Express for your laptop, I suggest you first confirm whether this email client is indeed missing from your computer. If so, you can try the Microsoft Windows web site to see for the downloadable O.E. installation file because the company has stopped its development and support. By the way, the download of Outlook express was bundled with the version 6 of Internet Explorer browser. So you can check out the direct download link of Internet Explorer 6.

Please note: I would recommend using either Windows Mail or Windows Live Mail on Vista based computer and I lean towards the latter.

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