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Juno space probe enters Jupiter’s orbit

Juno space probe entered Jupiter's orbit on 4 July 2016

4 July, 2016

The Juno space probe entered planet Jupiter’s orbit on 4th July 2016. The probe was launched close to 5 years ago by NASA on the 5th of August 2011. This makes Juno the second craft to orbit the largest planet of our solar system. The first was Galileo, which orbited from 1995 to 2003.

Juno is named after the wife of Roman God Jupiter. Three Lego™ mini figures have been sent aboard the probe. The figures are made on aluminium instead of plastic so that they can withstand extreme heat. The three figures are of Jupiter (carrying a thunderbolt), Juno (with a magnifying glass) and Galileo Galilei who holds a telescope.

Juno probe will orbit the planet once every 53 days till October 14. It would then shift to a tighter 14-day orbit and eventually die out on the planet after 20 months and performing a total of 37 orbits.

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