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Internet Explorer jokes and funny images

Internet Explorer jokes and funny images

There seems to be no end of Internet Explorer jokes… they just keep on coming. Here are a few more images making fun of the world’s most hated web browser.

Can other web browsers do this? It’s beyond the capabilities of lowly minions like Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Ha ha ha! I rule!

Can other web browsers - Firefox, Chrome, Safari - do this?

Image Source: http://www.reddit.com/

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Yes, there are people still using Internet Explorer 6. Why they do this is beautifully depicted in the following pie chart. Shouldn’t there be a slice for “developers” who spend a lot of time on this browser trying to get their web sites just right’? Not anymore! I.E. 6 is royally ignored.

Why people use Internet Explorer 6 - the real reasons

Are you using Internet Explorer? If you don’t know, you probably are! That’s the main demographic of this web browser.

Are you using Internet Explorer?

Left with only Internet Explorer on the computer! Now Jim, that was the worst trick ever you’ve played on Dwight.

Only Internet Explorer on the computer

Cajole, bribe, threaten people to use your product or simply give up – just take the damn thing!

Just take the damn thing

When is Microsoft going to offer proper help? Please don’t just leave us with no options.

Option just not there in Internet Explorer

Image Source: Source

We’ve hit upon this one before – The only use of Internet Explorer is in downloading an alternative.

Internet Explorer 9 set up screen - funny image

The life and times of Internet Explorer 6 – a comic strip by Brad Colbow. Awesome.
This one doesn’t poke fun at Internet Explorer but rather tells the story of what happened in the past.

Internet Explorer 6 comic strip by Brad Colbow

Image Source: Source

Web developers around the world agree that Internet Explorer 7 was a big mistake by Microsoft. It made life hell for them because it didn’t comply to standards (had its own). But let us be magnanimous – let us try to forgive and forget and give Internet Explorer 9 a chance.

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