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Web site navigation – importance and tips

Web site navigation - importance and tips

You should always remember that a web site is designed for visitors NOT for yourself or your boss. And why do people come to your web site? They come in search of information. Hence it is very important that you structure your site in such a manner that visitors are able to locate information quickly.

Put yourself in the visitors’ shoes. Let us say you come across an online banner advertising a good deal on an iPod. Wouldn’t you first like to go through the complete details and gather all information before you go ahead and punch in your credit-card number? The same holds true for any visitor to your site. Prospects would first like to go through the information your site offers and then place an order.

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Five important tips for a good web site navigation system

Good web site navigation Tip 1
Always link the logo on a web site to the homepage.

Good web site navigation Tip 2
Place navigation system on the left or the top, just below the header. Do not try to design out of the box unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Good web site navigation Tip 3
Have consistent navigation throughout the web site. For example, do not have the navigation system placed horizontally on one page and vertically on the left in another. An exception to this rule can be the homepage which can differ from all other pages.

Good web site navigation Tip 4
In addition to linking the logo to the homepage, be sure to have a link called “Home”, “Homepage” or equivalent in the web site navigation menu. Ideally a web site navigation menu consists of links to the homepage, “About Us”, “Contact Us”, “Site Map” and other important pages of the web site.

Good web site navigation Tip 5
A good site map and navigation menu on a web site will cut down the number of clicks required to move from one page to another. A thumb rule for good web site navigation is to keep the number of clicks from one page to another at 3.

How important is a site map for a web site?

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