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Why I decided not to buy the iPad?

Why I decided not to buy the iPad?

Ever since I got an iPhone, I had wished for a device that could sort of duplicate the functionality and had a larger screen. The iPad fits the bill. But, lord, couldn’t they have improved it a little?

There was one thing in the iPhone that I had really liked – no waiting for the device to start – click on the one large iPhone button and you are all set. That’s the main reason why I had never wanted a netbook – didn’t like to wait for the OS to load. Yes, the iPad was what I was looking forward to but it was such a disappointment.

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Why I didn't buy the iPad - suggestions from an iPhone and iPad Touch owner

I checked out the iPad at Northpark Mall in Dallas – had to wait for a few minutes because it was a weekend. There were mixed feelings when I held the iPad for the first time. Though it felt good in my hands, the device did seem a little fragile and after a while I realized that it’s not as light as it looks. And with that, my dear readers, I begin my rants.

Why iPhone and iPod Touch users shouldn’t buy the iPad

  • Fragile and likely to break if it falls on hard ground. An acquaintance of mine had his iPhone rendered useless when it accidentally slipped and fell on the floor cracking the screen. I suppose the iPad screen would be more delicate since it’s larger.
  • No multitasking: You need to close an application and only then open another.
  • No Flash support: Just like the browser on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Safari doesn’t show any Flash content. I loved this little joke: You know why they call it Safari? ’cause it’s a hunt to find a web site that works on this thing!
  • No USB ports: Cannot connect another device. No HDMI either.
  • No card reader: So I first need to transfer pictures to my computer and then move them to the iPad?
  • No printing: You cannot print directly from the device.

On the whole, the iPad is a glorified gaming device that’s raked in a lot of publicity (this blog post included). Now my kids love playing those cheap games on the iPhone and their iPod Touch. So if you have one of these, spending money on Apple’s new offering is a sheer waste unless you are a collector of soon to be outdated digital equipment.

Others have written than the iPad can be a replacement for netbooks for the casual user. Now please tell me why a ‘casual user’ would like to buy another, more expensive device? Just to show it around; hmmm, probably. But that’s about it.

Even so, I still wanted the iPad when I held it in my hands. The one point that helped me make a decision was –why should I buy another iPhone/Touch with a bigger screen that’s missing a camera??

And no, I don’t like to read books on digital devices – I prefer the feel of paper.

I would wait for an Android based tablet. Thanks very much Apple.

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  • Jason on September 16th, 2010 11:44 pm

    Hey also, the iPad doesnt have speakers too!

  • Manish on September 22nd, 2010 7:43 am

    @Jason. The iPad has speakers though they aren’t very good.

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