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Most important photographs of the World

Most important photographs of the world

Most important photographs of the world - the first one, the first candid shot, the first selfie, the first digitally scanned photo and more. [more...]

The Bliss photograph – Windows XP Wallpaper

Bliss photograph - Windows XP wallpaper

The story behind the Windows XP default wallpaper - the Bliss photograph. Where was it taken, by whom and how did it end up being used as a wallpaper of a popular operating system? [more...]

How do I copy and save web page background image?

Save a web page background image

Save background image from a web page. Learn how to copy the web page background image using your web browser. [more...]

How do I prevent visitors from downloading and copying photos from web site or blog?

How to prevent download of images from a web site?

How do I prevent downloading - visitors copying photos I have on my web site? Is there a program or a script to do this? If so how can I use it? [more...]

How do I make photographs smaller for email?

How to make photos smaller so that they can be sent over email?

Learn how to make digital camera photographs smaller to be sent over email to friends and family - easy to understand instructions for people new to computer. No software to download and install because you already have the program. [more...]

How do I make watermark?

How to make a watermark on a photo?

Learn to make watermark and add them to images in less than 2 minutes. Quick and easy-to-understand instructions for beginners. [more...]

Animated JPGS

Animated JPGs

JavaScript code for an animated JPG which results from displaying a sequence of JPGs. You can set the time period of display and configure the script as per requirements. [more...]

How do I change my photo on Yahoo?

Change profile photo in Yahoo

How to change photo on your Yahoo! account - simple and quick instructions for the newbie on getting to work with the latest changes on Yahoo! [more...]

Scanning and JPGs

Scanning and JPGs

Learn how to scan images with the help of digital scanners and save them as JPGs for web and internet use. [more...]

How do I optimise JPGs?

How do I optimise JPGs?

How to optimize JPG images using the JPEG compression algorithm in different image editing tools such as JPEG optimizer, Adobe Photoshop, Paint Shop pro and Xara. [more...]

Saving JPGs

Saving JPGs

Article on how to reduce file size of photographs and high color images by saving them as JPGs and employing the different compression levels to result in optimized images. [more...]

When do I use JPGs?

When do I use JPGs?

Article on the correct usage of the JPG compression algorithm on images such as photographs so that they result in small optimized web images. [more...]

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


As per the creator, Robert Morris, the Morris worm unleashed on November 2, 1988 was intended to measure the size of the Internet. It, however, caused upto a million dollars in damage. Morris was fined $10,000 with 3 years probation and 400 hours community service. [more...]

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