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How do I make login page on my web site?

How to make a login page on a web site?

Learn how to make login page on your web site without knowing any programming! Protect a single page or an entire section of a web site by asking users to login with a username and password. [more...]

How do I renew my email address?

How do renew an email address?

Renew an email address: Beginners help and tips on how to get back their old email account... if it's possible. [more...]

How do I put a web site online?

How do I put a web site online?

Instructions on how to put a web site online so that it's visible in a web browser program. Beginners checklist of creating an online presence. [more...]

How do I copy and save web page background image?

Save a web page background image

Save background image from a web page. Learn how to copy the web page background image using your web browser. [more...]

How do I add blog to my web site?

How do I add a blog to my web site?

How do I add a blog to my existing web site? Simple instructions for beginners on setting a blog section on their existing web site. [more...]

How do I take a printout of the screen?

How to take a printout of a screen?

Take printout of the screen. Simple instructions on how to print what's on your computer monitor. [more...]

Change username – Is it possible?

How to change a username?

Change a username - only possible if it's allowed by the service else you would have to create a new account. [more...]

How do I prevent visitors from downloading and copying photos from web site or blog?

How to prevent download of images from a web site?

How do I prevent downloading - visitors copying photos I have on my web site? Is there a program or a script to do this? If so how can I use it? [more...]

How do I shorten email address because ID is long?

How to shorten an email address?

So you want to shorten your email address because the ID is too long? Get the lowdown on how to do it (if at all). We explore various possibilities one of which will serve your purpose. [more...]

How do I access email from another computer?

Hot to check email from another computer?

Access your email from another computer through these perfectly safe free online services - any location any computer! [more...]

How do I buy an email address?

How do I buy an email address?

Buy email address: Simple instructions and advice on how you can purchase an email address for your business. [more...]

How do I make photographs smaller for email?

How to make photos smaller so that they can be sent over email?

Learn how to make digital camera photographs smaller to be sent over email to friends and family - easy to understand instructions for people new to computer. No software to download and install because you already have the program. [more...]

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


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