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Max Born

Max Born Death Anniversary - 5 January 1970

One of the pioneers of quantum mechanics [more...]

Wally Feurzeig

Co-creator of Logo programming language [more...]

Richard Alf

Richard Alf Death Anniversary - 4 January 2012

Co-founder of the San Diego Comic-Con International [more...]

Wilbur R. Franks

Wilbur R. Franks Death Anniversary - 4 January 1986

Inventor of the anti-gravity suit [more...]

Bob Montana

Bob Montana Death Anniversary - 4 January 1975

American comic strip artist who created 'Archie' and related characters [more...]

Erwin Schrodinger

Erwin Schrodinger Death Anniversary - 4 January 1961

Nobel Prize winning Austrian physicist [more...]

Stephen Hales

Stephen Hales Death Anniversary - 4 January 1761

English clergyman, scientist and prolific inventor [more...]

Peter Naur

Peter Naur Death Anniversary - 3 January 2016

Danish computer scientist known for BNF notation [more...]


Vicar Death Anniversary - 3 January 2012

Chilean cartoonist [more...]

Will Eisner

Will Eisner Death Anniversary - 3 January 2005

American cartoonist and populariser of the 'graphic novel' [more...]

Reginald Punnett

Reginald Punnett Death Anniversary - 3 January 1967

Scientific author and developer of the Punnett square [more...]

Frank Haven Hall

Frank Haven Hall Death Anniversary - 3 January 1911

Inventor of the typewriter in the US [more...]

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