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International Tartan Day

International Tartan Day - 1 July

International Tartan Day is celebrated on 1 July annually, the day in 1747 when the Act of Proscription was repealed. [more...]

Asteroid Day

Asteroid Day : 30 June

Asteroid Day is observed on 30 June each year. It was created by Grigorij Richters and Dr. Brian May. [more...]

Tau Day

Tau Day celebrated on 28 Jun

Tau Day is celebrated on 28 June each year. [more...]

Barcode birthday

Barcode birthday - 26 June

The Barcode birthday falls on 26 June because. It was this day in 1974 that it was first used to scan a product commercially. [more...]


UFO Day - 24 June

UFO Day is celebrated on 24 June annually on the anniversary of 1947 sighting of 9 flying objects near Mount Rainer by Kenneth Arnold. [more...]

International Yoga Day

International Yoga Day - 21 June

International Yoga day is observed on 21 June each year. The day was proposed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi [more...]

World Sauntering Day

World Sauntering Day - 19 June

World Sauntering Day is held each year on 19 June. It's mission is to educate people to slow down their lives. [more...]

Global Wind Day

Global Wind Day celebrated on 15 June

Global Wind Day is celebrated annually on 15 June. [more...]

UN Russian Language Day

UN Russian Language Day - 6 June

UN Russian Language Day is celebrated on 6 June annually. [more...]

Rubik’s Cube Birthday

Rubik's Cube's birthday as celebrated by Google

Rubik's Cube birthday as celebrated by Google. [more...]

International Museum Day

International Museum Day

International Museum Day is celebrated on 18 May annually. [more...]

World Information Society Day

World Information Society Day - 17 May

World Information Society Day [more...]

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