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John Horton Conway

John Horton Conway Birthday - 26 December 1937

English mathematician [more...]

John Severin

John Severin Birthday - 26 December 1921

American comic book artist [more...]

Charles Babbage

Charles Babbage Birthday - 26 December 1791

Father of the computer [more...]

Ernst Ruska

Henk Rogers Birthday - 24 December 1953

Nobel laureate known for electron optics [more...]

Robert Ripley

Robert Ripley Birthday - 25 December 1890

Developer of 'Ripley's Believe It or Not!' [more...]

Lila Bell Wallace

Lila Bell Wallace Birthday - 25 December 1889

Co-founder of Reader's Digest [more...]

Isaac Newton

Isaac Newton Birthday - 25 December 1642

One of the most influential scientists of the world [more...]

Glenn McQueen

Glenn McQueen Birthday - 24 December 1960

Animator and character designer at Pixar [more...]

Henk Rogers

Henk Rogers Birthday - 24 December 1953

Dutch video game designer [more...]

Max Miedinger

Max Miedinger Birthday - 24 December 1910

Designer of Helvetica typeface [more...]

Johnny Gruelle

Johnny Gruelle Birthday - 24 December 1880

American artist, cartoonist and writer of children's books [more...]

Robert Kahn

Robert Kahn Birthday - 23 December 1938

One of the four Fathers of the Internet [more...]

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