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Steve Rude

Steve Rude Birthday - 31 December 1956

American comic book artist and co-creator of 'Nexus' comic book [more...]

Leonard Adleman

Leonard Adleman Birthday - 31 December 1945

Creator of the RSA encryption [more...]

Andreas Vesalius

Andreas Vesalius Birthday - 31 December 1514

Founder of modern human anatomy [more...]

Kevin Systrom

Kevin Systrom Birthday - 30 December 1983

Co-founder of Instagram [more...]

Sabeer Bhatia

Sabeer Bhatia Birthday - 30 December 1968

Co-creator of Hotmail email service [more...]

Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne Stroustrup Birthday - 30 December 1950

Creator of the C++ programming language [more...]

John N. Bahcall

John N. Bahcall Birthday - 30 December 1934

American astrophysicist who developed the Hubble Space telescope [more...]

Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling Birthday - 30 December 1865

English journalist, poet and writer [more...]

Dave McKean

Dave McKean Birthday - 29 December 1963

English graphic designer, illustrator and comic book artist [more...]

Richard Crandall

Richard Crandall Birthday - 29 December 1947

American physicist and computer scientist [more...]

Joke - Eat, Sleep and Code

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