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What is webmail?

What is webmail - email through the browser

Definition of webmail, its importance on web site hosting accounts and how you can use it to check your website emails. [more...]

How do I make photographs smaller for email?

How to make photos smaller so that they can be sent over email?

Learn how to make digital camera photographs smaller to be sent over email to friends and family - easy to understand instructions for people new to computer. No software to download and install because you already have the program. [more...]

Email programs

Email Programs

List of popular email programs (email client software). If you haven't used an email program yet, you are missing a lot. Email software not only save you time but have many benefits over web based email. [more...]

How do I create a Gmail email address?

Create a Gmail email address

Create Gmail address for free through these step by step instructions. [more...]

How do I get a second Yahoo email address?

Second Yahoo email address

How to get a second Yahoo email address in less than a minute! Detailed instructions with screenshots on creating a second mail account. [more...]

Yahoo mail sign in

Yahoo email sign in page

Simple Yahoo mail sign in instructions to help the beginner access the email account messages. [more...]

How do I send Gmail email?

Send a Gmail message

How to send Gmail email from your account. Beginners instructions on creating and sending a new email message. [more...]

Gmail e-mail composition with rich-text

Compose Gmail message with rich-text

Composing Gmail e-mail using the rich-text formatting features of the new version to beautify your message. [more...]

Yahoo! mail versions – how do I switch and change?

Yahoo email versions

Know more about the two Yahoo! Mail version - Classic and the All-new Mail. Also learn how to switch from one Yahoo version to another. [more...]

How do I get a Yahoo business email?

Get Yahoo business email

Yahoo business email - fully customized email addresses for you and your employees with extra security and even a web site if you so desire. Features and benefits of using email from Yahoo for your business. [more...]

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


"Domain Hack" means a clever way to use a domain name and has nothing to do with security. [more...]

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