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Did You Know?

Apple wasn’t the first company to launch iPhone

Apple wasn't the first company to launch an iPhone

The very first iPhone wasn’t launched by Apple. The device was created by Infogear which was later acquired by Cisco. [more...]

The World Wide Web was born at a physics facility

WWW invented at CERN - a physics institute

The World Wide Web was born at CERN, a high-energy physics facility located on the borders of Switzerland and France. The WWW was invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee. [more...]

The Internet was born at a defence organisation

Internet came out of a defense organisation

Internet was born at ARPA, the Advanced Research Projects Agency, a part of the United States Department of Defense. Its direct predecessor, ARPANET, became functional on 20th October 1969. [more...]

Email inventor was scared of showing his creation

Email inventor, Ray Tomlinson, was shy of his invention

Ray Tomlinson invented the modern email messaging system. He sent the first message over ARPANET but was skeptical of telling everyone what he had invented. [more...]

Google’s name origin – a misspelling of Googol

Google's name comes from googol - 1 followed by 100 zeroes

The origin of the name of the world’s favourite search engine, Google. It is actually a misspelling of the word googol which means 1 followed by a hundred zeros. [more...]

Sosumi – The famous Mac alert sound has an interesting history

Apple alter sound - Sosumi - story

Mac alert sound Sosumi's name comes from the legal battle between Apple Computers and The Beatles Apple Records. When you say it aloud it sounds like "So Sue Me". [more...]

Apple had been embroiled in a lawsuit with The Beatles for years

Apple Computers vs. Apple Records

Brief on the legal battle between Apple Records owned by the Beatles and Apple Computers because of infringement of trademark by the latter. Here is how the lawsuit was settled and how the electronics giant launched the iTunes music store and the iPod music player. [more...]

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How do I view a deleted web page?
Is there a way to view a deleted web page - one that is no longer available? Yes there is and the solution is quite simple. [more...]


IMDb.com started on Usenet as the "rec.arts.movies movie database" which consisted of four lists - Actors, Actresses, Directors and Dead Actors/Actresses - and unix shell scripts for searching those lists. [more...]

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