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Why is the Hotmail vacation reply missing from my account? I only appear to have the first three options. What do you do if under the ‘Manage your account’ heading, there is no option saying “Send automated vacation replies”? Is it a problem with my computer?
Paul Sullivan

Firstly, there is nothing wrong with your computer; this should put a lot of your fears to rest. However, if the Hotmail vacation reply is missing, there is definitely something amiss with your email account.

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Sometimes the Windows Live staff disables the vacation auto-replay on certain Hotmail email accounts which means that this feature will not be available. You would also not be able to make changes to any vacation auto-reply message that has been set up but this of no consequence because no emails will be sent while the functionality is inactive.

Hotmail vacation auto-reply missing from your account

The vacation reply feature is located under “Options” -> “More Options” -> “Send automated vacation replies“. Though it has been noted by some users that this option is sometimes missing, please note that not all Windows Live Hotmail email accounts are affected. However, there is a possibility that the vacation auto-reply can be turned off for everyone.

Send automated vacation replies missing from Hotmail (Windows Live) email account

So what can you do to set up a vacation reply?

One solution to have a vacation reply running even though it’s missing on your Hotmail account is to set up it up in an email program such as Outlook Express. Using the Hotmail POP settings, you can add the account in an email client and configure an auto-reply. However, please note, the email program (client) needs to be running to send the automated replies. Read Outlook Express vacation reply to know more.

FYI, free Hotmail pop access has been allowed which lets you set up and configure your Windows Live email account in any program as long as it supports the Port Office Protocol. Windows 7 users can employ Windows Live Mail program that is generally preinstalled on the operating system. Refer the following links:

By the way, I understand that leaving a computer on with an email client running is not a good solution. So I tried adding Hotmail email account to Gmail (was successful) thinking that I could then take advantage of the equivalent functionality found in the latter free email service (Gmail vacation autoresponder). But that little experiment of mine failed! The idea was good but it didn’t work.

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