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Hotmail Messenger Sign in

Hotmail Messenger Sign in

I used Hotmail messenger to sign in at my email account from the old computer. Now with a new Windows 7 laptop and was wondering if you can help me get the exact same functionality. The earlier computer was set up by a professional and still works very well, though it’s now a little slow… the reason why I bought a new computer.
Ryan Olafson

As far as I know, Hotmail messenger comes preinstalled on Windows 7 computers – at least that’s how I got it on my new Sony VAIO machine. However, this program is now known as Windows Live Messenger; you will find it listed along with other programs under the Windows Live section – check screenshot below. By the way, you can also get Windows Messenger for free from the Microsoft web site.

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Hotmail sign in via the Windows Live Messenger program on Windows 7

Windows Live Messenger – Hotmail sign in from Windows 7

Checking a Hotmail email account with Windows Live Messenger is just the tip of the iceberg. The main purpose of this program is to offer a platform with which you can communicate with friends in real time through text messages and audio-video chat. The Messenger also lets you send messages to mobile devices, upload and share files, play games, engage yourself and others in an activity etc. Below are the steps for the Hotmail messenger sign in process.

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Start Hotmail Messenger and sign in to your account by typing the username (Windows Live ID) and the password – [Slide 1]. There are also a few options available for this login process. To view these, click the small arrow above the “Sign in” button – [Slides 2 and 3].

  • Change status: By default, Hotmail messenger sets your status as “Available” once you sign in. However, this can be changed to “Appear Offline” or “Busy“.
  • Remember me” and “Remember my password” offer the convenience of not having to type the login details every time you go through the Hotmail Messenger sign in process.
  • The program will log you in immediately if you check “Sign in automatically” option.

On successful sign in through the Hotmail Messenger [Slides 4 and 5], you will be notified of new messages received through a small message that pops up from the notification area and at the same time a windows opens showing the latest headlines and other information. This is the “Today” window which can be prevented from appearing in future; select “Tools” -> “Options” -> “Sign In” -> uncheck “Show Windows Live Today after I sign in to Messenger“.

The eagle-eyed would have noticed that the Windows Live Messenger main window has no toolbar. It’s actually hidden and can be made visible by pressing the ALT key.

To log out of the account, click on your Windows Live ID and select the “Sign out from here…” option – [Slide 6]. Please note that even though you are not signed in at the Hotmail Messenger, the program continues to be shown in the Taskbar. Right-click and choose “Close all programs” get rid of it for the time being.

The Windows Live Hotmail Messenger can be customized in several ways. For instance, if you don’t want it run each time you log in to Windows, simply deselect the option. The settings are found under “Tools” -> “Options“.

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  • bardeloza on August 15th, 2016 8:03 am

    Signing was easier in the old version

  • minerva on December 11th, 2016 10:11 pm

    Got it

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