How do I create Hotmail email signature?

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Hotmail, like other popular web based email services, lets you create an email signature that is included at the end of messages you send from your account. This feature is found under the Hotmail settings or options section.

An email signature, if you don’t know, is a small bit of information that is attached usually at the bottom of a message. A typical email signature contains the person’s name, contact details (address, phone, fax and mobile numbers, email) and web site address. Also, it is not uncommon to see email signatures being “exploited” for sales, carrying blurbs on ongoing promotions. And in certain email programs (like the popular Outlook Express or Windows Mail) you can even include your business logo in the signature. Anyway, the choice of having a long or a short email signature is entirely up to you.

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An email signature in Hotmail

You create an email signature in hotmail via the “Options“. Once in this section, click on the “ Personal e-mail signature” link under the “Customize your mail” heading.

Personal email signature for your Hotmail account

You come to the “Personal e-mail signature” section. You can create a Hotmail email in three ways:

In any case, select your preference and in the big box that’s displayed, start typing the email signature. It will be added at the end of all emails you send from your Hotmail account.

Create a Hotmail account email signature - choose from three modes

As mentioned above, Hotmail allows you to create really complex email signatures which means, you can embed URLs (web links), emoticons etc. through the “Rich text” interface. And if you know a little HTML, you can have really fancy signatures with images. To know how to use the rich text and HTML editor features, please refer how to make email signature in Hotmail.

A note on images in Hotmail email signatures: You can link to an image stored on your web server or a free image hosting web site.

When satisfied, remember to save the changes.

To test the email signature, go back to the inbox and create a new email message. The signature should be right in the big email message box. Here is what I created in a few seconds.

The email signature I created in Hotmail - has a web link to my site and the logo

By the way, if you don’t know HTML, you can always use a free WYSIWYG HTML editor to churn up a beautiful looking piece of art that attaches to all outgoing email messages.

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