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Cannot display web page – Hotmail error

Cannot display web page - Hotmail error

In the past few days many users have reported seeing a “Cannot display web page” message in place of their Hotmail email account. Thus, instead of the Hotmail inbox with the email messages, an error page is shown in the browser. The Hotmail sign in problem is a recurring issue but this “cannot display web page” message typically comes up after the subscriber has successfully logged into the account.

Problems are not unique to Hotmail. All web based email services like Gmail or Yahoo! Mail occasionally suffer from server outages that leave behind frustrated users. For this reason, I always recommend users set up the Hotmail email account on their computers. FYI, any email program will be able to download and store email from Hotmail.

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Anyway, coming back to the Hotmail cannot display web page problem here are a few things I suggest:

  • Check if your net connection is working – try loading another popular web site such as Yahoo! or Google.
  • Ensure the Caps Lock and/or the Num Lk (Number Lock) is not on by mistake. You cannot login at your email account with an incorrect password!
  • Make sure there is no large download in progress which is hogging all the bandwidth.
  • Delete web browser cache: For instance, refer how to delete temporary internet files in Internet Explorer web browser.
  • Try to load the Hotmail page through another web browser. Check out Google’s web browser Chrome – my favorite! Make sure that its cache is empty too.
  • Use another computer if possible.
  • Try using a different internet connection – the fault may lie with the ISP.
  • If you have trouble logging at your account, please refer Hotmail sign in problem article to change settings of your web browser which may be the cause of the problem; especially when no web page is displayed after successful login. Changing these HTTP settings of Internet Explorer web browser have solved the issue for several subscribers as per the feedback I receive.
  • You can also consider downloading Hotmail email to your computer using a client like Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail.

ISP problem or Hotmail problem – Cannot display web page

The “Cannot display web page” is typically shown when there is a problem in the Internet connection – the transfer speeds are very low or there is simply no active connection. Thus, the problem might with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). However, we should not negate the possibility that sometimes certain scripts on Hotmail might malfunction resulting in this error page being displayed. If the problem is indeed because of Hotmail, there is little you can do to solve it. I advise patience and checking your account after an hour or so.

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