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Google Web Site or Web Page Rank

Google Web Site or Web Page Rank

Google is the most popular search engine on the Internet – it beats the other search engines by a large margin. The success of Google can be attributed to several factors including the simple query interface on Google.com and the relevant results displayed.
It is of prime importance that your web site has high rankings on Google for the selected keywords. Now these rankings keep on changing – they might become better or worse over time. So, you should regularly check the position of your web site and web pages on Google and below are two services/tools that help you quickly get this information.

Google PageRank
The very famous Google PageRank is a part of the Google Toolbar. The Google PageRank (PR) ranks a page on a scale of 0 to 10 where 10 is the highest and 0 the lowest. There are several factors that govern the page rank of a web page including number of in-bound links (other web pages that link to web page being ranked) and link popularity. For example, Google.com carries a PageRank of 10 because so many web page link to it. Another 10 PR web page is the W3C Markup Validation service page (HTML validator). Popular web sites such as Yahoo.com and MSN.com have high PR values – 10 or 9. However, PR is not a measure of the amount of traffic a web site gets. For that, check the Web site ranking and traffic tools especially Alexa.com.
The best place to know the Google PR (PageRank) is from the Google Toolbar Google Tool Bar.

Though, “Googlerankings.com is in no way affiliated, sponsored or in any way the property of or responsibility of Google.com.”, it’s still a great service. What I like about this site is that one can enter a set keywords and find out how a web site ranks in Google. However, I find that the rankings reported by the site are a few positions lower than the actual rank one sees on Google. For example, my site www.biotechdesk.com ranks third on Google.com for the keyword “biotechnology india”, however, GoogleRankings.com reports its rank as 7th. Similarly, for the keyword “biotechnology consultancy” my site gets 6th rank on googlerankings.com while its actual rank when searched for on google.com is 4th.
Note: Google.com ranks keep changing. The above info was obtained on 6th July 2004.
The Googlerankings web site provides several other services – Determining the best keywords of your site and Keyword Density.

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