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Google business card

Google business card

A few weeks back, I came across a very interesting page on designer Ji Lee’s Please Enjoy web site. I am always amazed at works of new urban designers and some of Ji Lee’s creations are stupendous. One piece that had a big impression on me was the Google business card Ji Lee has made.

This is available for free download as a PDF file. I guess anyone who ranks high for their name on the popular Google search engine should find this useful – at least useful for ego’s sake. Go ahead and enjoy. The idea is unique definitely!

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How to get a Google Business card printed

Download the PDF file and edit it by adding your name in the search text field. Use the Arial font because that’s what is employed on the Google search engine. And if you hold the number one spot for your name in the search results, I suggest you put a cursor image (just the arrow) on the “I’m Feeling Lucky” button. Print a bunch of these cards and distribute them around. I assure you the reactions would be a big boost for your ego!

Google Business card of Manish Sharma

Google Profiles is the first serious step Google has taken to offer relevant search results based on name queries. I had first read about the failings of my favourite search engine in an article on Newsweek – how social networking web sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn were being preferred by surfers when they were trying to locate someone. I guess the Google Profiles is just one way to retain lost ground. If you too want to make your Google web page, read the step by step instructions on that page.

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