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Use Gmail to send photo or picture via email to friends and family

Send photos and pictures using Gmail email account

Written primarily for the beginner, this tip details how to use Gmail to send a photo or picture via email. Only images that are in digital form can be sent through email – pictures taken from your digital camera are already so and the ones lying in your photo album (esp. those black and white ageless pictures) need to be scanned.

Once in digital form, copy them to a directory on your computer’s hard disk. If you don’t have a scanner, take the services of the nearest desktop publishing center.

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Compose a new email in Gmail to attach the photo or Picture

Log in to your Gmail account and make sure you are using the Newer Gmail version. By the way, you can also use the older version of Gmail for photos and pictures sending, but the instructions and snapshots on this page have been work off the standard new version. To know learn how to switch from one version to another, please refer the article on the two Gmail versions.

Click on the Compose Mail link located under the logo – refer the image.

the Compose Mail link on Gmail that lets you create a new email message

You will now be displayed a screen similar to one below – start creating the email message by first typing the recipient’s email address in the “To:” field and then the email subject. And while you are at it, you can type in your email message too. The photo can be attached at a later stage – there is no problem.

Composing a new email message in Gmail - enter the recipient's email address, the subject and the main matter

Attaching the photo

Now comes the interesting part.
Do you notice a Attach a file link just under the email subject field? Click on it. It changes to a button, Choose a file. When you hit this button, you’ll get a pop-up window through which you browse to the directory on your hard disk that has the photo or picture. Double-click on the desired image or simply select and click on the “Open” button on this pop-up window.

4 steps to attaching and sending photos from Gmail

To attach another photo in Gmail, follow the 4 steps outlined above.

Note: the time taken to attach and send a photo through Gmail depends on your internet connection speed and the size of the image. Pictures that are large in file size will take more time especially on slower net connections.

If you’ve attached a photo by mistake, you can always click on the “remove” link to delete it from the email message. When you have finished attaching the photos and pictures, click on the Send button.

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