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Get avatar in minutes โ€“ cartoon or photo avatar

Get avatar in minutes โ€“ cartoon or photo avatar

Though the doppelme.com service, detailed in how to make an avatar, gives you a cute cartoon picture, the options are kind of limited. Lots of visitors asked how they can get a photo avatar by which they mean converting their photograph to an avatar image.

This is quite an easy thing and there are two ways to go about it. The first involves using an image editor with which you change a photo into an avatar… but this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. The simpler approach is to use one of the free services available online.

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Get avatar from a photo

Pho.to Avatar tool
Get an avatar with the Matrix movie affectGet a really cool animated avatar from your photo. There are many effects to choose such as frames, slideshows, collages etc. The animation of the left has been created using Pho.to avatar’s Matrix effect (mouse over to see the photo from which this avatar was made).

Avatar icon with a heart shaped cutoutWith tons of effects to choose from, Loonapix, is a really good web service to apply premade photo effects or create an avatar from your photo. I quite like Photo Trim which cuts your photo to the chosen shape – mouse over to see the original photo. You may need to save the image using the right-click method – read how to download image from a web page.

This is a photo snipping tool (evident from its logo). Upload your photo, choose the web site / service and get your photo avatar in a second. I really like the drop down that has all the popular social networking web sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter etc. For a newbie, nothing could be simpler because one doesn’t need to specify the size of the avatar but rather tell MyPictr which service on which it will be used.

Apply nice animation to your photo with one click and get cool avatar in 100px, 125px or 250px sizes.

Free Avatar Maker
Specify size, upload photo, select the area you want to crop and get your avatar – Easy peasy, japanesey.

This site crops your photo to the specified size resulting in a square avatar. Very simple for beginners because one just needs to upload a photo from the computer and get a smaller sized image ideal for sending over email.

Provide Picasion with up to 3 photos (uploaded from your computer) and it shall create an animated slideshow. OK, it’s not morphing – the photos are simply shown one after the other… sort of a slideshow.

This is not a user-friendly service, especially for the newbie, as the options are almost hidden by the profuse number of ads filling the screen. It works just like the other services in which you upload a photo and get a 100X100 pixels avatar.

You may also be interested in how to create an avatar for your Yahoo account.

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