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A free web page counter is a quick and effective way to measure the number of people who’ve come to your web site/page. Most services, however, provide a lot more information such as screen resolution, browser, platform etc..

The need for a free web page counter

A free web site counter is an effective way to track visitors on your web site. The data provided by these can help create a better web presence because you can structure and design the web site based on their preferences.

For example, if you know that most visitors have monitors set to a high screen resolution, wouldn’t it make more sense to increase the width of the web pages?

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How to add a free web page counter to your web site

All free web page counter services provide a small bit of JavaScript code that you can embed in web pages. This code is very important and you should not change it else the counter will not work properly. Several free web counter services also allow you to segregate different sections of your web site so you can know which are more popular amongst visitors.


OneStatOneStat’s professional web analytics solutions provide real-time detailed reports of visitors to your web site. You can also get a free counter for your web site or blog.
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eWebAnalyticseWebAnalytics provides professional, live traffic analysis for your web site and takes less than 5 minutes to set up which is ideal for beginners. The stats are easy to understand and detailed reports can be generated for each visitor like click-paths, referrals and keywords used.
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StatsSheetChoose between a visible or an invisible hit counter with stats. StatsSheet web site counter can also be inserted on popular blogging platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, LiveJournal etc. For visible counters, you can pick the style that suits the web site. Detailed statistics include browsers, operating systems, most popular pages, visitor paths etc.
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Widget Cow

Widget CowCounterCow is a free counter and can quickly be installed to track page views or unique visitors. With a 100% uptime guarantee and lots of customization options, the counter can be set up in less than a minute on both web sites and blogs.
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PaxTotally free and super-easy to install, the free hit counter from can tracks page hits of unique users. Registration is, however, required which has its benefits such as resetting the counter from the web interface.
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FreeStatsCounter.comPretty basic counter but has tons of designs to suit all kinds of web sites.


BestFreeCounterGet a free web site counter in 3 easy steps – choose a design, select the code and paste it on the web site. No registration and email required which is great if you’re paranoid about privacy.
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ProwebcountersA 100% free web site counter that can be set up to show either the number of page views or unique visitors. Additionally, basic stats like the visitor’s browser and operating system, top 20 countries and last 20 IP addresses are now provided for free.
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Simple Hit Counter

Simple Hit CounterEnter a start counter number, select the color for the numbers and the background, get the code and put it on the web site. Simple and free counter to keep track of website traffic.
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e-zeeINTERNETE-ZEE web counter is available for free without the need of providing an email address or registering for an account. You can count unique visitors or page views and can pick a style that will match with your present web site design.


ClickySupposedly the easiest web anayltics service that monitors, analyzes and tracks visitors in real time.
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WebsitetoolboxWith no sort of advertisements, the Websitetoonbox remotely hosted web site counter gives you quick statistics of your site visitors. Free one week trial.
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The best free counters available on the internet to track visitors to your web site.

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