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Free Search Engine Submission

Free Search Engine Submission

Search engine submission is the first step in web site promotion. And nothing beats a free service! Below you will find several free search engine submission services. The services are essentially the same – helping you submit your web site to different search engines quickly.

Before you submit to any of the services listed below, be sure to check your web site for broken links and other errors. The time taken for the search engine to come to index your web site will vary depending on the search engine. You should remember that there might be a 2 week to a 2 month lag time.

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Also make sure that the pages on your web site have keywords / key phrases correctly placed. In addition to using the META DESCRIPTION and META KEYWORDS, make sure that you have enough keyword density in the web page text itself.

Advantages and disadvantages of free search engine submission

Free submission to search engines has its drawbacks too! You are not guaranteed of indexing by the search engines and obviously the final ranking of your web site would depend on several factors.
Once your site has been indexed by the engine, you should check how the site ranks for the keywords you have used. You might need to fine-tune or change the page contents completely depending on the ranking.
One advantage of using these free services is that you can get your site (or at least try to get your site) on different search engines quickly.

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Evrsoft – FastSubmit
Click here.

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