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Free desktop slideshow on Windows 7

Free desktop slideshow on Windows 7

Windows 7, the latest operating system from Microsoft, is yet to be released in its final form to the public. Anyway, I came across a cool feature in the operating system which lets you create a desktop slideshow.

So all those who are fond of looking at their passionately clicked digital camera photographs and “reliving the moment” don’t need to install additional software because the free desktop slideshow on Windows 7 is more than sufficient for the job.

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To set a new desktop background photo in Windows XP you needed to go to “Properties” and select an image. In Windows Vista the same is done via “Personalize“. Well, Windows 7 goes a little further because it lets you pick multiple images and not just one. These different pictures and photographs can then be sequentially displayed to create a desktop slideshow. Cool!

You can either choose from the desktop background images that come with the operating system or put your own. And you can specify the time interval between the slides in the desktop slideshow which can range from 10 seconds to 1 day. This effectively means that if you select 1 day time interval, you’ll get a different desktop image each day. This is a great way to start each morning with a fresh face, right?

Finally, the free desktop slideshow utility can also drag images from RSS feeds so you don’t need to store the images on your computer.

Windows XP and Vista users still need to make do with an additional application to create a desktop slideshow. But Windows 7 leaves us panting for more…

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