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Get free calendars for your web site with these cool services. Connect and share with friends and family and increase productivity by including these free online calendars on your web site and blog.

Famundo Calendar

Famundo CalendarA free online calendar to help connect with family and friends. Share events, photos, recipes and much more through the Famundo web site.
Get Famundo Calendar

Mozilla Sunbird

Mozilla SunbirdA free downloadable calendar program that can be installed on computers running Windows, Linux or Mac operating systems.
Get Mozilla Sunbird

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Google Calendar

Google CalendarRequires a Google account (free). Share schedules with friends and family. Set up reminders and access the Google calendar from your mobile phone.
Get Google Calendar

Yahoo! Calendar

Yahoo! CalendarSet reminders, add photos and share your calendar with people you care about. Get a free Yahoo ID to use the Yahoo! Calendar.
Get Yahoo! Calendar

Windows Live Calendar

Windows Live CalendarOne of the simplest online calendars to use – requires a free Windows Live ID. Helps you schedule appointments, set up reminders and share this information with others.
Get Windows Live Calendar

AOL Calendar

AOL CalendarThe AOL calendar can only be used via the webmail interface – thus, a free AOL account is required.
Get AOL Calendar

Bravenet Calendar

Bravenet CalendarA great customizable online calendar which helps you stay organized, plan and share events. Just one of the many products from Bravenet.
Get Bravenet Calendar

Motigo calendar

Motigo calendarThe Motigo Calendars help you keep track of events and activities. Sign up for a free account, create a calendar, add events and integrate it into your web site.
Get Motigo calendar


LocalendarAdd a free customizable calendar to your web site using Localendar. Also let visitors create their own web calendars.
Get Localendar

30boxes Calendar

30boxes  CalendarProbably one of the best online calendars that will help you remember birthdays, get work done and keep up with friends. Quickly organize and share information with others.
Get 30boxes Calendar

Cozi Calendar

Cozi  CalendarThe Cozi calendar simplifies your busy family life by letting you schedule appointments and create to do lists. Share the color-coded family calendar with other members and get reminders for upcoming events.
Get Cozi Calendar

WhichTime Calendar

WhichTime  CalendarFree online calendar that can be inserted in your web site. Add events and share information with others.
Get WhichTime Calendar

Brown Bear Software Calendar

Brown Bear Software  CalendarQuickly create your own free web calendar using the Brown Bear Calendar hosting service.
Get Brown Bear Software Calendar

Satisfaction Calendar

Satisfaction  CalendarThe free calender generator from lets you create a simple, though customizable, calendar for a MySpace page.
Get Satisfaction Calendar

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