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How do I find Outlook Express password of email account?

How do I find Outlook Express password of email account?

I want to set up email on a new computer but have lost the Outlook Express password and just can’t find it. I’ve searched all the options in the program but I suppose there is no way to recover it as this particular information is hidden. Can you help me find the Outlook Express password of my email account?

Lucy seems to be facing a distressing problem. If you too are in the same boat as Lucy, take heart. There is a quick and easy way to find lost Outlook Express password and not only that, you can get other the username and server details too.

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As you may know, you can set up not one but multiple email accounts in the Outlook Express program. However, once configured, the password information is never displayed again. The characters in the Outlook Express password field are changed to symbols such as the filled circle in Windows XP – check the image on the left. Though all other details are available under the Server tab of the Account Properties window (“Tools” -> “Accounts” -> “Properties“), the password is hidden…and rightly so because anyone could then get hold of this information. After configuring a new email account in Outlook Express, most of us forget the password, username and server details. Yes, we do note it on a small piece of paper but that is lost or misplaced; I’m sure we all have rummaged through drawers and the dust bin looking for the elusive and “life-saving” note.

Anyway, the only way to get the Outlook Express password information is to use a third party application. There are tons of these available.

Recover lost Outlook Express password programs

Passware logoOutlook Express Key from Passware recovers passwords from Outlook Express identities and email accounts. It supports all versions of the email program and ever retrieves multilingual passwords.

RecoveryEngine.com logoPassword Recovery Engine finds Outlook Express passwords and other login information in seconds. Both Outlook express 5 and 6 versions are supported and the program has an easy to use interface.

OEMailrecovery.comOEMailRecovery.com’s Password Recovery Toolbox for Outlook Express finds and displays information for all identities set up in the email client. It does not support Outlook Express version 4 and cannot be installed on Windows 95. So it’s a good bet for Windows XP users with O.E. 5 or 6 versions.

Systools Software logoSysTools Software’s password recovery program has an easy to use interface which is cheap and safe to install. It finds the email account set up in Outlook Express and gives the details in a table.

Lastbit softwareOutlook Express Password from lastbit.com is a password recovery tool for Outlook Express, which comes in very handy if you forgot, lost, or misplaced your password for Outlook Express.

Rixler SoftwareOutlook Express Password Recovery Master from Rixler software displays the server names, usernames and passwords for all email and news accounts set up and configured in Outlook Express. The login information for identities can also be recovered.

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    Forget password

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    I forgot my email password

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    Lost my password

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    how to get my forgotten password of my e-mail adress

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    my passward is missing

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