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Fastest web browser – Chrome, Opera, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer…

Fastest web browser

This is definitely not a good way to begin this article but, yes, I am biased towards Google Chrome. Having said that, it’s not Chrome’s speed and security that impressed me – it was the interface, ease of use and safety and security issues that made me a fan of the free web browser from Google.

As I have written in other articles, Matt Cutts blog post cajoled me into giving the program a “serious” try even though I had downloaded and installed Chrome a couple of days after its launch. The one thing that Matt praises quite frequently in his blog posts is how fast Chrome is. So I thought I’ll go around the web digging for more information on my beloved browser.

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It turns out the Google Chrome is indeed the fastest! Great news for me and great news for Google – they’ve come up with a stupendous product. Thank y’all.

But what were these web browser speed tests. Which resources did I check out?

JavaScript 3D textures to test web browser speeds

The first “test” I came across was from Ben Joffe. The Canvascape – “Experimenting With Textures” uses JavaScript to create Wolfenstein like 3D world that you can navigate using keyboard mouse keys and even jump with the spacebar. [Wolfenstein 3-D or Wolf3D was one of the most popular first person shooter games of the early 90s]. The test allows you to choose from four levels of resolution – lower, low, medium and high. Make sure that you click on the “Apply” button once you select an option. Navigate the 3D world using the arrow keys on your keyboard; the spacebar lets you “jump”.

Using the medium resolution level, there was hardly any difference between Google Chrome and Firefox (I.E. was perceptibly slower). However, when I changed the resolution to high, I could clearly see that Chrome is way faster than Firefox.

I really liked this test because it involved me with great visuals and movement. The results were pretty apparent too – The fastest web browser is Google Chrome and it beats Firefox, Opera and internet Explorer. Go and check this out for yourself – see how fast you are able to move about using your browser.

Checking web browser speed – which is the fastest?

In an EvilScience’s post, there is a nice comparison of the speeds of popular web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari) – how fast does a browser start for the first time (cool start), or how quickly is starts when closed and restarted, the CSS rendering speed and how fast JavaScript runs. Though, being an Opera user (and probably biased too like me), he concludes that Google chrome is indeed the fastest web browser taking the lead from Opera by a single point. I do agree metrics are not always precise but the end results clearly point out the winner.

Proud (and extremely satisfied) to be using Google Chrome

Extending my thanks once again to Matt Cutts and to the development team, I feel quite proud to be a Chrome user. I’ve already written about its security and safety measures and it’s indeed heartening to see the web browser coming up at the top on speed tests. Matt you were correct and we believe you now!

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