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How much does email cost?

How much does email cost?

I used to run a successful auto parts manufacturing company in Ohio but have now happily retired. I never had anything to do with computers but on my wife’s insistence, we got one with internet for the New Year. I wanted to know how much does email cost. Is there a price for setting up email on my computer and what would it be? I’ve heard we can send pictures with email – will that cost more?
D. McGuire

Firstly, since you have a ‘computer with internet’, you probably have an email account too! Get in touch with the company that provides the internet connection and ask them for details. However, please note that this email will be closed and deleted once you cancel the internet connection or shift to another ISP (Internet Service Provider).

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I suggest you get an email address from a free web service. Yes! An email will cost zilch if you use one of the excellent services I list below. And if you are wondering how many email addresses you can have, read that page for details – there is no “one email per person” rule!

Will email cost me money? NO!

No! Continuing what I mentioned above, an email will cost nothing if you follow my advice. There are hundreds of companies that provide email without any costs; in fact, the majority of people on the internet use such email accounts. The three best web email service providers are Hotmail from Microsoft, Yahoo! Mail from Yahoo! and Gmail from Google. I’m sure you would have heard or read about one of these companies, right?

Creating an email with these companies is very easy. You just need to fill an online form in which you are asked to provide basic information about yourself such as your name, birthday, location etc.- please refer how to make an email ID for details. Step by step instructions with screenshots can be found in separate articles – click one of the links below:

What is the cost of sending email with pictures

This is a much more difficult question to answer because I really don’t know what kind of internet connection you are using. Assuming your ISP gives a cable net connection which runs 24 hours, the cost of sending an email message (without or without pictures) will be (again) zero or negligible. But if you have dial-up internet access, the email cost would be the price of a phone call.

I would also like to point you to other articles on this site which will explain how to email photographs from your digital camera or insert photos in Yahoo! Mail. Welcome to the wonderful world of email and the internet.

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