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The iPhone is a fabulous mobile phone that comes with a built-in email program (Mail) which is similar to its namesake on the Mac OS X computers.This post tells you how to set up and add your Earthlink email address on the iPhone – detailed instructions and screenshots included.

Once the account is configured, you would be able to access it from any location as long as an active connection to the Internet is available (through WiFi or 3G).
Note: I would always suggest using IMAP email protocol to setup the Earthlink email on your iPhone.

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Set up and add an Earthlink email account on the iPhone

We’ll be using POP (Post Office Protocol) to set up Earthlink email account on the iPhone. At the time of writing, the ISP does not support the other popular email protocol, IMAP. POP enables you to download email to the computer or mobile device which would then be available even without a live net connection.

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  1. Go to the “Settings” section by tapping its icon [Slide 1] and then scroll down to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” – tap on it [Slide 2].
  2. To start the set up process, tap “Add Account…” [Slide 3] which should bring up some popular email services (Gmail, Yahoo!, AOL etc). Unfortunately, Earthlink is not in this list – tap “Other” [Slide 4].
  3. Tap “Add Mail Account” [Slide 5].
  4. Enter your name, complete Earthlink email address, the account password and a short description – tap the “Save” button when done [Slide 6]. Once the iPhone has stopped ‘looking up account information’ [Slides 7 and 8], it will show a screen in which you have to provide the Earthlink mail settings – incoming and outgoing servers.
  5. Make sure “POP” is selected [Slide 9] and then enter as the “Host Name” and the full email address in the “User Name” fields under the Incoming Mail Server section. (The iPhone would have already put the Earthlink email account password in the corresponding field – this is fine).
  6. Under the Outgoing Mail Server section, put, the complete email address and the account password in their respective blank fields. Important: All the three pieces of information need to be entered! [Slide 10]
  7. Tap the “Save button when finished [Slide 11].
  8. You’ll come back to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” section. Tap on the Earthlink email account you’ve added on the iPhone [Slide 12]. Now scroll down and tap “SMTP” [Slides 13 and 14].
  9. Turn on “Use SSL” and enter 587 as the “Server Port” [Slide 15].
    Important note: If the port 587 does not send email, switch off SSL and use 25.
  10. Now start the “Mail” application. Messages from the newly added Earthlink account will begin to download to your iPhone mobile phone. Also send a test message to an alternate email address to confirm whether the outgoing settings are working (they should).

FYI, you can add other email accounts such as those from Gmail, Yahoo, AOL and even Hotmail to the iPhone.

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