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How do I download Live email?

How do I download Live email?

I have been using live.com as my email. I want to download my mail to my computer and work with it there … offline … comfortably. I HATE the way Live has their display set up. I find their “features” slow and cumbersome. Even though most of that is probably because I have a slow connection… and I cannot do anything about it. I have been floundering around for 2 months trying to resolve this problem. Can you give me any direction??? Thanks. (I have VISTA … ughhhhh)

Downloading messages from an online account and storing them on your computer requires the use of an email program or an email client in geeky language. Does Outlook Express, Outlook, or Windows Mail ring a bell? These are all email programs. So which one should you use to download Live email?

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You probably don’t need to download and install an email program because there would be one on your computer already – Outlook Express on XP, Windows Mail on Vista and Windows Live Mail on Windows 7. Each email program has its advantages and disadvantages – unfortunately, nothing is perfect. As always, you’ll find my recommendations and suggestions below.

Outlook Express on Windows XP – a popular client for downloading and storing email

Outlook Express was the default email client on the Windows XP operating system. It was, and may still be (there are plenty of XP users who refuse to let go), the most popular email program. Alas, its development and support has been stopped by Microsoft. However, there is no harm in using this program. Though you won’t get assistance from Microsoft, plenty of help (basic questions and troubleshooting problems) can be found on the Internet on sites such as this one.

Alternatives for Outlook Express: Windows Live Mail, Outlook (not free), Thunderbird.

Download Live email with Windows Mail

Windows Mail is the email default program on the Vista operating system. It looks quite like Outlook Express – its predecessor – with the addition of an automated junk email filter. So if you’ve used Outlook Express in the past, you’ll feel quite at home with Windows Mail.

Setting up a Hotmail (Live) email account in Windows Mail involves a little trick – refer for step by step instructions and screenshots. We need to use the Hotmail POP settings to configure the account in this program.

Sadly, this program too is no longer being supported by Microsoft. The company strongly recommends users shift to Windows Live Mail.

Use Windows Live Mail to download Hotmail Live email

This is the new free email program from Microsoft and is meant to replace both Windows Mail Vista and Outlook Express (XP). [The two programs are no longer being developed and supported]. Windows Live Mail can be downloaded and installed on XP, Vista and Windows 7 computers.

Windows Live Mail differs from Outlook Express and Windows Mail in both layout and the way it organizes email messages. For instance, each email account set up in this program gets five default folders; so with four email addresses, you’ll end up with 20 folders (minimum). However, Windows Live Mail is much more than a simple news and email program. It can also serve as an RSS reader and a blogging tool.

Do I recommend this program? Yes! After a short stint with Windows Mail, I downloaded and worked with Windows Live Mail on my Vista laptop – never had any problem!

By the way, you can download Live email using Windows Live Mail through both the HTTP protocol (the default) as well as POP3.

Set up and download email from your Live email account with Outlook

Microsoft’s Outlook is a full-fledged email program. It’s not free though and costs about $100. In my opinion, if you want to use only one email account it’s better to spend that $100 elsewhere… unless you are loaded. The free options will stand up to the task and work well for you.

Thunderbird – an alternative if you don’t want to use Microsoft products

Thunderbird is a free email program from the developers of Firefox web browser. However, its interface might seem overwhelming to the technologically challenged. Fortunately, if you get stuck or need help with Thunderbird you’ll find a lot of support on the web.

Note: Since POP access is now free for Hotmail accounts, the Post Office Protocol is the best way to download the Live.com email to your computer.

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  • Nicole on March 20th, 2013 1:59 am

    On one of my computers Hotmail has changed to Outlook. On my laptop it’s still Hotmail but now I can’t send emails – they go directly to the Outbox. And there are other issues too; for instance, my emails don’t update for up to 2 days among other things. Are these problems related?

  • Manish on March 20th, 2013 9:36 am

    These problems are probably unrelated, but…
    1. The Hotmail interface is gradually being changed to Outlook.com, a new service launched by Microsoft. Don’t be troubled by this.
    2. Since you see your account in the two webmail layouts, it probably means that it is still being worked on.
    So the “emails going to the outbox” and messages being delayed can be cause of the upgrades happening at your account.

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