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How do I delete unwanted email with Hotmail filters?

How do I delete unwanted email with Hotmail filters?

Unwanted email can easily be deleted from your account with Hotmail filters. Simply specify the senders email addresses and have the system remove the messages automatically. Please note that once you create such a message filter, any incoming email from the sender will permanently be deleted from the account. You will not be able to see it at all; and, I suppose, this is what most people want!

But, on the rare occasion, if you do get a meaningful email from the sender, instead of choosing to delete it outright, create a filter that will move the message to a designated folder. Thus, messages will no longer clutter up the inbox and you can scan them later at your own sweet time.

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How to create a Hotmail message rule to delete unwanted email

Here are the step by step instructions to remove and delete the unwanted email that you receive from annoying senders using the Hotmail message rules feature.

  • Load Hotmail manage rules section
  • Add a new message rules - click New button
  • Type in the email address of the sender whose email you want to automatically delete
  • Select the Delete Messages option
  • Save the new message rule
  • The message rule is now active on your Hotmail account ready to delete any unwanted email you might receive from the sender
  1. Mouse over the “Folders” link in the left panel. A small ‘gear’ icon will appear to its right. Click on it and choose “Manage rules” from the drop down menu [Slide 1].
  2. Hit the “New” button [Slide 2].
  3. Under step 1, select “Sender’s address” from the first drop down, “is” from the second and type in the email address in the blank field [Slide 3 and image below].

    Delete unwanted email from your Hotmail account using message rules or filters
  4. In step 2, specify the action to “Delete these messages” [Slide 4].
  5. Click “Save” to create the Hotmail message rule filter that will delete the unwanted email [Slide 5].
  6. The message rule has been created and is all geared up to sniff out and delete unwanted email from the specified sender [Slide 6].

FYI, another way to block the sender at Hotmail is by using the aptly name blocked list which I think this is a more elegant option. Remember, even though you can never stop people from sending you trashy emails, you can always block unwanted messages!

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