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Instructions on how to create a free Gmail account

Instructions on how to create a free Gmail account

This article describes in detail how to create a free Gmail account now that it’s open for everyone. Step by step instructions are provided with related screenshots so that even beginners are able to create an email address for themselves using the free online webmail service from Google.

Creating a free Gmail account should take you less than 5 minutes, but since this article has been written for the beginner, I have split it in two. That’s because, though the process is quite simple, I don’t want beginners to feel overwhelmed by the sheer length of the page because it not only has text but also screenshot images.

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What is Gmail?

Everyone, except those living under rocks for the past decade, know about Google and their free web based email called Gmail. The service was launched with great fanfare and was 100% free from the start but one could only create a Gmail account through special invites. If you knew someone who had a Gmail account, you could request them to send you this invitation… else, well, hard luck. In those early days, Gmail accounts were so coveted that invitations were being sold through ebay.com auctions.

The high demand for Gmail email address was also because the service offered 1GB (gigabyte) storage space for emails at a time when all the others were providing only a fraction of that. Anyway, after a few years, Google opened the doors of Gmail for everyone… you didn’t need a special invitation to create an account.

However, occasionally I still get feedback wanting to know how to create a free Gmail email address. So here goes…

Please note: At the time of writing, Gmail is still in beta, i.e. still underdevelopment, which goes a long way in proving how successful the free email service from Google has been. Web users prefer a beta service over more established and “developed” services like Windows Live Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail.

Step 1 -Open the Gmail web site

To create your Gmail account you only need a web browser – the program you are using to read this page – and an internet connection.

You should now get to a page that looks something like the one below. At the time of writing Gmail offers a little over 7Gb of inbox space – though not unlimited but still more than enough to keep any prolific emailer occupied for years.

Google's Gmail free email account homepage screenshot

Click on the Sign up for Gmail link that I have circled in the screenshot and then proceed to the next page to get your free Gmail email address.

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