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How do I create email signature in Windows Live Mail?

How do I create email signature in Windows Live Mail?

Just like its predecessors, Outlook Express and Windows Mail Vista, Windows Live Mail too lets you create an email signature and have it automatically appended to outgoing messages. Additionally, if you have multiple email accounts set up in this program, each can have its own email signature.

What can you put in the email signature?

An email signature is so much more than its non-digital counterpart. People generally include their:

  • name,
  • postal address and contact details (phone + fax),
  • email address and web site link.

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But nothing stops you from adding a sales blurb or a mentioning an ongoing promotion at your company. Some people also put in wise quotes and, yes, jokes! Come to think of it, you are limited only by your own creativity! For ideas and advice, I suggest checking my email signature tips.

Instructions to create an email signature in the Windows Live Mail program

Below are the instruction to help you create a simple email signature in the Windows Live Mail program. This is a fairly simple process but if you get stuck or confused at any point refer the screenshot in the slideshow.

  • Slide 1
  • Slide 2
  • Slide 3
  • Slide 4
  • Slide 5
  • Slide 6
  • Slide 7
  • Slide 8
  • Slide 9
  • Slide 10
  • Slide 11
  1. Open Windows Live Mail, click “Tools” and choose “Options” [Slide 1]. Important: You might need to hit the Alt key to unhide the Windows Live Mail toolbar.
  2. A pop-up window will be displayed [Slide 2].
  3. Click the “Signatures” tab [Slide 3].
  4. To add a new email signature in Windows Live Mail, click the “New” button [Slide 4].
  5. Signature #1” immediately appears in the box [Slide 5].
  6. Put a checkmark in front of “Add signatures to all outgoing messages” option. Checking “Don’t add signatures to Replies and Forwards” will ensure that the email signature is appended to each outgoing email [Slide 6].
  7. I suggest having a more descriptive name for the signature. Click “Rename” and type in something more suitable. For instance, I’m going to create a signature for a personal email address that I’ve set up in Windows Live Mail and, hence, named the signature “Personal” [Slides 7 and 8].
  8. Now in the “Edit Signature” text-box, type in the contents [Slide 9].
  9. Click the “Apply” button followed by “OK” [Slide 10].
  10. To check out the new email signature you’ve created in Windows Live Mail, open a new email window. Viola! [Slide 11].

OK, this was just the tip of the iceberg. You can also make email signatures with embedded images, links and fancy text formatting. Unfortunately, creating such signatures in Windows Live Mail is not easy because of the absence of a formatting toolbar. But there is no need to despair. Using a little common sense, you too can get a Windows Live Mail email signature of your dreams – refer that for details.

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