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This article is old. Gmail now supports email signatures with fancy text formatting in which you can embed images (business logo, perhaps?) and links. Please read: Gmail email signature for more information.

You can quickly create an email signature in your Gmail account through the settings. What is an email signature?, you ask. It’s a small bit of text that attaches itself to the bottom of each outgoing email.

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Let us begin the process – click on the “Settings” link located near the top-right and under the “General” tab move down to the Signature section. Note: I would be working off the new Gmail version. You can use the alternate (older) version too but this would not tally with the screenshots below.

How to quickly create an email signature in Gmail account

By default, email signatures are turned off. Click in the empty text box and enter the text you want in the signature. Do remember to hit the “Save Changes” button at the bottom for the modifications to take effect.

At the time of writing, emails signatures in the free Gmail accounts can consist only of text and I look forward to the day when users would be able to create fancy signatures with their business logos and colourful font styles.

Checking your email signature

To check how the signature looks when appended to an email, create a new message by clicking on the “Compose Mail” link. You shall immediately see the signature – the couple of blank lines above it indicate that you should start typing the actual message above it.

In Gmail, email signatures are attached to all outgoing email messages – new, replies and forwards. For the latter two, you’ll find them at the very bottom.

What can you have in the signature?

You can put anything you want in your email signature. I suggest including your name, company name, contact details (full address, telephone, fax and mobile numbers) and any current promotions (there is no harm in a little sales blurb). For more help, read the section on contents of the email signature.

There are a couple of more things. Go to Gmail “Settings” and under “Labs” you shall find Signature tweaks and Random Signature. You can enable these if you want. By the way, if you don’t see the “Labs” tab, you are using the older Gmail version and need to shift to the new version – simply click on the link (top-right or in the footer).

Gmail email signature enhancements found under the Labs tab of the Settings

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